Who needs to take a math placement test and when?

The UI uses two different math placement tests to help you determine in which math course to enroll. The math test you take depends on your enrollment status, previous math courses, and major. You may be asked to begin testing with either the UI Math Placement Test 3 (MPT3) or the ALEKS Placement Exam. Use the links below to help you determine where to begin the math placement sequence.

Which math placement test to take?

First-Year or Transfer students who took a year or more of Calculus in high school or who have earned college credit for Calculus should take the MPT3.

Learn more about the MPT3.

First-Year or Transfer students who do not have either high school (1-year) or college credit for Calculus who are interested in taking a math class (for any reason), should take the ALEKS.

Learn more about the ALEKS.

Continuing students interested in enrolling in a math course must have the appropriate math placement score or have earned a grade of C- or better in a prerequisite course. Please use the chart here to help you determine which placement test to take.

If you get asked to enter a Fall 2018 cohort code, this is the code you should use: X6UGE-QNEAG

Where did you place?

Questions about placement in courses? Contact the Academic Advising Center at: advising-center@uiowa.edu or Engineering Tutoring/Academic Advising at: megan-e-allen@uiowa.edu.