Who Needs to Take a Math Placement Test and When

First-year or Transfer students who have taken Calculus in high school (1 year) or for college credit who are interested in taking a math class, should take the Advanced Math Placement Test. Some majors require a math placement test. All first-year students admitted to the College of Engineering and/or the Tippie College of Business are required to take a math placement test regardless of credit you are bringing into Iowa. 

First-year or Transfer students who do not have either high school Calculus (1-year) or college credit for Calculus who are interested in taking a math class, should take the ALEKS Math Placement Test. Some majors require a math placement test.  

Continuing Students

Continuing students interested in enrolling in a math course must have the appropriate math placement score or have earned a grade of C- or better in a prerequisite course.