Who should take the Advanced Math Placement Test

  1. Students majoring in or planning to major in an area listed to the right or students who are planning on taking a math class in their first year on campus.
  2. Students who have completed Calculus in high school or students who are bringing in college credit for Calculus.  If you have not taken Calculus (1 year), you should take the ALEKS Math Placement Test.
  3. All first-year students admitted to the College of Engineering, the College of Nursing, and/or the Tippie College of Business are required to take a math placement test regardless of credit you are bringing into Iowa.

Depending on your results, you may also be required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Test. 

When to take the Advanced Math Placement Test

Take this test at least 1 week prior to your Student Online Advising and Registration appointment. Depending on your results, you may also be required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam.

What you should know before taking Advanced Math Placement Test

  • The Advanced Math Placement Test is an online, 20 item multiple-choice test including the following topics: limits, differentiation, basic integration, curve-sketching, simple applications, and trigonometric functions.
  • There is a 60 minute time limit; however, you should allow 90 minutes to complete the entire process.
  • You must complete the test in one sitting.
  • You may not use a calculator, books, notes, or any other resources except for scratch paper.


For accommodations on placement tests, students first need to register with Student Disability Services (SDS). For information on how to register with SDS, please visit Student Disability Services. Once students are registered with SDS, complete the following steps to request accommodations for placement tests:

1. Enroll in the placement test on ICON.

2. Share with your SDS Access Consultant which placement test(s) you are enrolled in and requested accommodations.

3. SDS will confirm when accommodations have been enabled (within 24-48 hours).

4. Take the placement test.

How to take the Advanced Math Placement Test

Instructions to Self-Enroll.

Self-enroll and begin the Advanced Math Placement Test.

Login with your University of Iowa HawkID and password.

To see the minimum Advanced Math Test scores required for math courses, please see Advanced Math Course Placement.

Majors required to take a math placement test

  • Actuarial Science
  • Actuarial Science interest
  • Applied Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Athletic Training (pre-)
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences Interest
  • Business and pre-business 
    • Accounting
    • Business Analytics & Information Systems (BAIS)
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Chemistry
  • Chiropractic (pre-)
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Dentistry (pre-)
  • Dietetics (pre-)
  • Elementary Education
  • Engineering and Engineering Interest
    • Biomedical
    • Chemical
    • Civil
    • Computer Science 
    • Electrical
    • Environmental
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Undeclared
  • Enterprise Leadership
  • Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Environmental Science
  • Exercise Science
  • Geography
  • Geoscience
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Studies
  • Human Physiology
  • Informatics
  • Interdepartmental Studies
    • Business Studies
    • Health Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Laboratory Science Interest
  • Medicine (pre-)
  • Microbiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Nuclear Med Tech and Nuclear Med Tech Interest
  • Nursing and Nursing Interest
  • Occupational Therapy (pre-)
  • Optometry (pre-)
  • Pharmacy Assured Admission
  • Pharmacy Interest
  • Physical Therapy (pre-)
  • Physical Assistant (pre-)
  • Physics
  • Podiatry (pre-)
  • Public Health and Public Health Interest
  • Radiation Sciences and Radiation Sciences Interest
  • Science Studies
  • Speech and Hearing Science
  • Statistics
  • Sustainability Science
  • Veterinary Medicine (pre-)