The University of Iowa Greek placement test covers grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. First year students attending Summer Orientations for Fall ( 2 day programs only) may test on Day 1 of your 2 day program, at 5:30pm in the Student Activities Center of the Iowa Memorial Union. Continuing students may contact Patricia Dunlap 319-335-2682 or to schedule a placement test.  

This test is administered during summer orientation for first-year students entering for fall (2 day programs only). Continuing students who need to register for a test should contact the Patricia Dunlap at 319-335-2682 or

For those students who have completed four or more years of Greek language in high school, the UI offers the opportunity to earn incentive credit through the Furthering Language Incentive Program (FLIP credit). Learn more about FLIP.

Greek Placement Scores and Placement

Score Placement Recommendation
<= 13 CLSG:1001 Classical and New Testament Greek I
14-17 CLSG:1002 Classical and New Testament Greek II
18-21 CLSG:2001 Second Year Greek I
22-29 CLSG:2002 Second Year Greek II
30-35 CLSG:3001 Archaic and Classical Periods I
CLSG:3002 Archaic and Classical Periods II
CLSG:3003 Classical and Hellenistic Periods I
CLSG:3004 Classical and Hellenistic Periods II

The courses listed for each score range are recommended.  The best placement for you depends on the strength of your previous coursework, your enjoyment of Greek, and whether you have been exposed to the language in other ways, such as private study.  If you are unsure about your placement, contact the Classics Department (335‐2323).

Students may be eligible to earn incentive credit toward graduation through the Furthering Language Incentive Program (FLIP).  If you are interested in earning FLIP credit, you should meet with your academic adviser to discuss eligibility.