"While you’re a student, you have the privilege of meeting people from all different walks of life. They'll help you grow and teach you to appreciate people different from you. Take advantage of the opportunities college presents, so you don’t miss out on anything!”
—Bryce Buckley, psychology major from Belle Plaine, Iowa

Living and learning in a diverse environment is central to a University of Iowa education and to the principles established in The IOWA Challenge. The range of people, ideas, and opportunities at the university help UI students learn from each other, discover personal goals, and develop essential skills for education, life, and work:

  • All of us achieve our best only in an environment that respects differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs.
  • Be open to considering new ideas that challenge your personal viewpoints—hear people out, and listen without judgment.
  • Actively seek out ways to meet people who are different from you.
  • Take classes in subjects you haven’t studied before, and find things to do on and off campus that you’ve never tried.