Shelby V


Ankeny, IA
Business Analytics and Information Systems

An Interview with Shelby

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

There is never a reason to not ask for help. Everyone on campus is more than willing to answer any question no matter how stupid you think it is. 

What are the top three campus resources new students should use in their first year?

1. TAs. They are the most helpful people in the world. Any question or problem you have in class, they can hep you with. 2. Math Lab/Any equivalent. This is the place for questions. When you don't understand your homework, this is the place to get help in finding the answers. 3. Library. It's a great place to study and get any information you need. You can work on group projects or reserve study rooms to have a study group. Definitely a great place to study. 

A sense of independence comes along with being a college student. How did you handle your "independence"?

I handle my independence by prioritizing what needs to be done in my life. I don't have someone else telling me what I should do so I've made my own list to tell me by keeping a planner. I prioritize time to make sure I stay healthy, followed by completing school work, and then finally having time to go have fun with friends. Having a planned way of what I want myself to look and be like, helps me not lose control with too much freedom.