Coggon, IA
Sociology and Spanish

An Interview with Regan...

If you could go back in time, what might you have done differently in your first year at the University of Iowa?

I wish that I would have been more myself in my first year on campus. I went to a really small high school where sometimes it felt like I had to morph into a certain group, but at the University of Iowa there is such a diverse group of people with diverse experiences and interests! Don't settle for friends who don't value the same things as you; be patient and you will find your people!

What are the three campus resources you would recommend new students use in their first year?

1. University Counseling Services: During my first year in college I was really struggling emotionally, but I had never received counseling in the past. My Resident Assistant and my mom both pushed me out of comfort zone to reach out and this really normalized the feelings I was having around my transition.

2. The Food Pantry and Clothing Closet: Being a college student is challenging in so many ways, for many students, financial struggles are high on the list. The Food Pantry allows University of Iowa students food without cost in an attempt to decrease food insecurity. The Clothing Closet is a resource where students can take up to 5 items of professional dress clothes each semester.

3. Academic Support and Retention: This on-campus office provides resources for all thing’s academics. When you come to college the biggest transition for most people is the academic work that come with college. AS&R offers different programs for different types of classes to help you succeed in the classroom.

Describe your first semester at the University of Iowa. How did it align with your expectations before arriving to campus?

My first year on campus was HARD. I know that isn't what you want to hear, but it does get better. I know that there are tons of college first-years on your Instagram feed saying they are having the time of their lives, but they are struggling too. Everything is different from high school, but it’s like that for everyone! Just continue to put yourself out there and try new things!