Olivia A.


Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada

An Interview with Olivia...

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

My advice would be to be flexible and roll with any changes that come your way. College life is all about adaptation to new circumstances and situations. How you react to negative situations says more about you as a person than how you react to positive ones.

How are you involved within the University and/or greater Iowa City community?

I am actively involved in Greek Life, having held multiple positions in my three years at Iowa, including Vice President. I am also a big proponent of volunteerism. Volunteering on campus and off campus is a great way to help great causes and get involved in communities. 

A sense of independence comes along with being a college student. How did you handle your "independence"?

With independence comes responsibilities. I think that handling newfound independence is a journey that comes with peaks and valleys and you are responsible for how you dealt with the ups and downs. No one deals with their college transition perfectly! Independence appears quite immediately in college but that doesn't mean you acclimate to it instantly. Continue to be a responsible student and more pieces of your college life will come into place.