Megan M


Marshalltown, IA
Health Promotion and Enterprise Leadership

An Interview with Megan...

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

Say yes. I know that this is something that people hear a lot, but by saying yes to so many different things my freshman year, I was exposed to so much that the university has to offer. Make connections in areas that you are unsure of and I would challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone. Chances are that by doing so you might discover where your true passions are. 

How did you decide on your major?

I found what I was interested in. I knew that business was something that interested me and I started there. I eventually decided I likes the entrepreneurship classes the best and looked for a degree in that, which is what the Enterprise Leadership degree offers. I also took a nutrition and health class as a gen ed which led to showing me that I was really interested in health. I then added the double major of Health Promotion to fulfill my enjoyment of health studies. 

What are the top campus resources new students should use in their first year?

The IMU is a great location for studying, tutor help, etc. I also think that whatever major you are in, the college of that specific major would be a great resource. As a final resource, I would say the Pomerantz Career Center is always nice for writing those resumes.