Iowa City, IA
American Studies and Communication Studies

An Interview with Mackenzie...

What are three campus resources you would recommend new students use in their first year?

The writing center, supplemental instruction, and university counseling services. 

How would you define a “successful student” at the University of Iowa?

A successful student at the University of Iowa is someone who is involved, works hard, asks for help, and isn't afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. Once they are able to step out of their comfort zones and push themselves success tends to follow.

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

Join a student organization!! There are almost 600 student organizations on campus. Find something that you enjoy, did in high school, or just sounds fun. You will get to meet so many cool and interesting people who share the same interests as you. Who knows you might just make a friend or two along the way.