Schaumburg, IL
Communication Studies and Political Science

An Interview with Lindsey...

If you could go back in time, what might you have done differently in your first year at the University of Iowa?

Looking back, I would have pushed myself to get more outside of my comfort zone, talk to more people, and attend more on-campus events. Everyone at Iowa is looking to meet new people and if I were to have pushed myself to make more connections to my neighbors and classmates, I would have become more comfortable a lot earlier. 

How would you define a "successful student" at the University of Iowa?

A successful student at Iowa is one that is taking advantage of all that Iowa has to offer. Whether that is being involved with student organizations, assisting in research, or engaging with professors. A successful student is also someone who works through the process of learning with patience and works to find an interest and passion in the content they are engaging in. 

How is college academics different than high school?

College academics are much more independent. Academics in college are focused on the individual learning process. A student is expected to be engaging in test and working through assignments individually. There is much more help offered in college than high school, whether that be through tutoring, professor open hours, or various supplemental learning opportunities.