Lauren B


Naperville, IL
Communication Studies

An Interview with Lauren...

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

I would highly recommend joining at least two or three student organizations on campus. The University of Iowa has over 500 amazing organizations that differ in a large variety of topics and passions. Getting involved early on campus opens the doors to so many future opportunities and is also one of the best ways to meet people and make friends on campus. 

What are the top three campus resources new students should use in their first year?

The University of Iowa offers many amazing resources to students and it is important to learn about them early on and use them as much as possible. 1. Math Lab. I know math is not always everyone's favorite subject, so this resource is extremely helpful. The Math Lab aids students with any questions they have on math homework, along with helping students prepare for upcoming exams. 2. Advisors. Although you are required to meet with your advisor at least once per semester, it is important to know you can visit them during their open hours or by setting up an appointment as many times as you'd like. I highly recommend this because my advisors have helped me with internships, classes, and so many other questions I have had. They are one of the most valuable resources this university offers. 3. Pomerantz Career Center. The Career Center is a very helpful resource offered on campus and important to take advantage of. They can help you build your resume and allow you to do "mock" interviews in order to practice before an interview you may have for an internships, job, or student organization leadership position.

How are you involved within the University of Iowa and/or greater Iowa City community?

I am involved in many different organizations at the University of Iowa. Some of these student organizations include: Dance Marathon, Student Event Planners Association, Kappa Alpha Theta, Rho Lambda, and Homecoming Council. These organizations have shaped who I am as a person and I am so thankful to have each and everyone one of these organizations and all of the individuals I have become friends with because of them.