Boise, ID
International Relations and Environmental Policy and Planning

An Interview with Joseph...

What are three campus resources you would recommend new students use in their first year?

New students should absolutely visit the cultural centers (shoutout to the Pride House!), their resident assistants (RA's), and the museums located throughout campus!

How are you involved within the University and/or greater Iowa City community?

I am president of Spectrum UI, committee chair for sustainability in UISG, a resident assistant in Currier Hall, and involved in Walk it Out, Dance Marathon, Active Minds, STAR, Fair Trade at Iowa, and Hawkeye Caucus!

How advice do you have about time management?

The older I have gotten, the more effectively I appreciate and use my free time to help make a difference for myself, my friends, and my community. I have always been an extrovert, but in college I am able to constantly be around the people I have in my life who make me laugh harder than I ever thought possible. Creating my own schedule has been my favorite aspect of college and getting to constantly be around a variety of people I get to call my friends has been a blessing awarded me through the independence of studying at the University of Iowa