Clinton, IA
Management and Organizations: Human Resource and Marketing

An Interview with Jacinta...

Describe your first semester at the University of Iowa. How did it align with your expectations before arriving to campus?

I graduated from a small high school with 75 people in my class in a small rural community. Therefore, when I came to the University of Iowa, I was nervous about being a number and not feeling a part of the community. Quickly, though, things changed due to the class schedule setups (discussion) and meeting with my professors. It wasn't long until the University of  Iowa felt much smaller than what it really is. Today, as I walk through campus, I am in love with the University of Iowa because it feels like a "small" campus, but offers me all the opportunities of a BIG Ten University. 

How would you define a "successful student" at the University of Iowa?

A successful student at the University of Iowa is not determined solely by his or her GPA, but rather their mastery and dedication to learning the materials taught in the classroom.

What are the top three campus resources new students should use in their first year?

  1. The Writing Center. You can submit papers online which is a feature I liked because it allowed me to get feedback without getting uncomfortable watching a peer edit my paper.
  2. Librarians. It's overwhelming to search for a scholarly article that contains the information you need for a paper. Asking a librarian will allow you accomplish your task faster and gain even better resources.
  3. Office Hours. Attending office hours my first semester really helped me feel connected to the University of Iowa because I knew that my professors knew my name, goals, and wanted me to succeed.