Brookfield, WI
Human Physiology, Pre-Physical Assistant

An Interview with Hannah...

How would you define a “successful student” at the University of Iowa?

A successful student is someone who takes responsibility for their academic success and isn't afraid to ask for help. In college, no one holds your hand, so it's up to you be accountable by staying on top of assignments. No one is perfect and you will encounter challenges. However, we have a wealth of resources to help you succeed on campus, such as office hours, Supplemental Instruction (SI), help labs, and one-on-one tutoring. Successful students acknowledge when they are struggling and seek help. Lastly, positivie relationships with faculty and other students are critical to success because these people will be your support system and cheerleaders. 

What are the top three campus resources new students should use in their first year?

1. The Writing Center. During your first year here, you will probably take Rhetoric or Interpretation of Literature. The staff at the Writing Center can help you make your paper better at any stage of the writing process. 2. Supplemental Instruction. SI is offered for classes, such as chemistry, that are typically challenging for students. At SI, you can work on extra practice problems and ask questions. The best part is that a 50 minute SI session is equivalent to studying on your own for 2 hours! 3. Office Hours. It will probably be a little scary the first time you visit a professor, but I promise it will be worth it. Not only will they gladly answer your questions, but they are really interesting and cool people to talk to. 

How are you involved within the University of Iowa and/or greater Iowa City community?

Within the University, I am an On Iowa! Leader, a supplemental instruction leader for general chemistry, and am in the co-ed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. I wanted to be an On Iowa! Leader because I LOVE being a Hawkeye and wanted to get first-year and transfer students as excited as I am about their new home. Similarly, I decided to become a SI leader because I think it's really cool when students help other students learn. I joined APO because volunteer work is really important to me and APO has given me the opportunity to participate in awesome service events, including a weekend service trip in Des Moines! Within the greater Iowa City community, I answer crisis calls for Domestic Violence Intervention Program. DIVP has given me the humbling experience of empowering women and becoming an advocate for DV victims and survivors.