Marion, IA

An Interview with Haley...

Describe your first semester at the University of Iowa. How did it align with your expectations before arriving to campus?

My first semester at Iowa was an amazing experience that completely forced me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Before I arrived at Iowa, I pictured college as a scary, new, and sometimes lonely place. While it was all of those things at times, it was also exciting and challenging in the best way.

What are the top three campus resources new students should use in their first year?

My student advisor saved my life my freshman year. She is so helpful and pointed me in the right direction. My RAs also helped me whenever I needed it and were always right down the hall. Lastly, the Pomerantz Career Center was always able to handle any questions I had. 

A sense of independence comes along with being a college student. How did you handle your "independence"?

At first, independence scared me because I wasn't sure how to handle being on my own so much. But now, it's one of my favorite things about college. It forces you to become more organized and responsible. It also pushes you to become involved and find out what amazing organizations you can be a part of on campus.