The Residence Hall Fine Policy for Alcohol Violations and Illegal Drug Violations

The following description summarizes the University Housing & Dining procedure for assessing fines for Residence Hall Alcohol and Drug Policy violations. Monetary fines are issued in addition to standard disciplinary sanctions such as a disciplinary warning or probationary status. The amount of the fine ranges from $200 to $700 depending upon the circumstances of the policy violation. The current fine policy is reflected below:

  • For a resident found in possession of a small quantity of alcohol or empty alcohol containers, on the first offense the fine is typically $300 if they are not hosting a gathering of residents in their room. Residents are subject to a $500 or $700 fine based on possession or consumption of liquor or number of participants. Administrative fines may not be imposed in those cases where a resident is cited by police in the residence halls for alcohol and fined through the courts
  • Discipline is progressive in nature, so a resident who receives a fine on a first offense for alcohol runs the risk of being evicted for a second offense.
  • For a resident found consuming a small amount of alcohol in the residence halls, the fine on the first offense is typically $300 for beer and $500 for liquor if they are not hosting a gathering of residents in their room.
  • For a resident found hosting a gathering of residents in their room with any amount of alcohol present, the fine is typically $700 for the first offense.
  •  A resident found in the presence of alcohol may be subject to a $200 fine.
  • Any second offense of alcohol possession, consumption, or hosting a gathering of residents typically results in a $700 fine if the student is permitted to remain in University Housing. Depending upon the circumstances of the violation, the resident could be evicted from the residence halls for the second violation.
  • Residents may be evicted from housing if (a) found in possession of a large quantity of alcohol on the first offense, (b) found to have hosted a large gathering of residents in their room on the first or second offense; or (c) found in possession of any alcohol on the second or third offense.
  • Residents cited by police for possession of illegal drugs in the residence halls that are allowed to remain in the halls are subject to a $700 fine for possession of drugs or a $500 fine for possession of drug paraphernalia. Residents may be evicted.

In addition to fines, the resident will be required to complete a mandatory alcohol/drug education program. A parental notification letter will be sent by the Dean of Students to the parent’s address after the alcohol/drug sanction is imposed.

If you have questions about the fine policy for alcohol or drug violations, contact University Housing & Dining, Office of Residence Education, at 319-335-3700, or the Office of the Dean of Students at 319-335-1162.