University of Iowa Policy on Disclosing Student Record Information to Parents
2018-2019 Academic Year

A healthy student-parent relationship is important to the student’s complete educational development. College students are more likely to succeed academically if they communicate regularly with parents and if parents provide timely guidance as they follow the student’s progress. Student-parent communication is particularly important in those cases where the student encounters academic difficulties or receives sanctions for non-academic infractions.

Federal law and state law regulate the disclosure of college student record information and medical records of persons 18 and older.  There are exceptions in the law that the University of Iowa routinely uses to ensure that parents receive the following information:

  • ACADEMIC INFORMATION. Final grades, class schedule, and other important academic information is made available on the internet through the university student information MyUI once a guest account is created for you by your student. The creation and maintenance of a guest account is completely under the control of your student. To discuss your student’s concerns with an individual academic advisor or instructor, your student must submit an application to grant permission for the University to disclose or discuss their student record(s). Please see the next page for instructions on how to create a guest account in MyUI.
  • BILLING CHARGES. Access to your student’s U-bill is also available via the guest account. If you should choose to make a payment online by ACH (bank debit) for your student, an additional PIN will be created to keep bank information provided secure. So that you can discuss your student’s U-bill with the University Billing Office, your student can provide you guest access to view the U-bill online in MyUI.
  • HEALTH EMERGENCIES. If a student is taken to the hospital following an incident regarding a severe mental health concern, they will be contacted by an appropriate staff member to meet and discuss the concerns and University resources. Depending on the circumstances, the Dean of Students may contact the student’s family to discuss.
  • ALCOHOL & DRUG SANCTIONS. Parents are notified in writing by the Dean of Students of sanctions imposed on students for violating the residence hall alcohol policy or drug policy, and alcohol and drug violations that occur within Johnson County (the county in which Iowa City is located).

Medical records of persons 18 and older are strictly confidential and not accessible by central administration. After a student undergoes medical care or receives psychological counseling, the health records are maintained by the service provider in medical files separate from the student’s academic records. If your student has special medical or counseling needs (including substance abuse counseling), and if you wish to access information surrounding these visits, the University recommends that you verify their attendance by asking your student to sign a release of information waiver to you when the student meets with the University physician or counselor. In the event of a health emergency, hospital staff may contact a student’s parents.

In conversation with the student, parents may learn of events that took place outside of the residence halls and outside of the classroom. Parents interested in obtaining information about police arrests, disciplinary actions, or other non-medical information are encouraged to have their student contact the Office of the Dean of Students to fill out a non-academic release of information form. For up-to-date information about criminal charges, the best resource for current information is the State of Iowa Courts Online Search website at https://www.iowacourts. When an information release form signed by the student has been received by the Dean of Students following an incident, information on file in the Dean of Students’ office will be disclosed in a timely manner to all individuals named in the release.

Except for final grade records, which are centralized in the Office of the Registrar, information about a student’s status in a course is maintained by the course instructor. Consistent with federal and state law, course instructors do not release information to persons outside of the university, including parents. Even when a student is not yet 18, federal and state law requires online permission or a written information release form signed by the student to disclose collegiate academic records. A decision by your student to create a MyUI guest account that grants you permission to view the information presented on the MyUI guest access screens does not authorize the University to disclose to parents education information not posted on the MyUI screen.

If you have questions about the University records policy as it relates to parental notification, contact the Office of the Dean of Students, 135 IMU (319-335-1162);