Chicago, IL

An Interview with Amari...

What advice would you share with a new student about their first year at the University of Iowa?

As a new student, do not feel overwhelmed with getting involved in everything all at once. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone in all possible aspects. 

How did you decide on your major?

I decided on my major, Psychology, long before I got to the University of Iowa. I knew I always wanted to help people outside of a hospital setting. I also knew that mental health plays a major role in everyone's lives. I want to change the way people think about mental health with regards to substance abuse. Being a psychology major is helping me do that. 

How are you involved within the University of Iowa and/or greater Iowa City community?

I am involved in the University by being part of a social justice organization HERKY C.A.R.E.S. This organization has the goal of making the residence halls amore diverse and inclusive community through our programming.