If you or a guest would like to request an accommodation in order to participate in the orientation program (e.g. sign language interpreter, reader, physical assistance to navigate campus, religious accommodation, ASD accommodation), please call Orientation Services at 319-335-1497 at least 30 days prior to your orientation date to discuss needs.

If you are bringing a parent or guest with you that would need language translation accommodations for the Parent and Family program, please call Orientation Services at 319-930-9754 at least 10 days prior to your program. We currently can only provide translation services for a select number of sessions during the two-day orientation programs in May, June or July.

Day 1 parent and family orientation sessions in Spanish:

PDF iconorientation_2019-2020_family_calendar_spanish.pdf

1. Bienvenidos - PDF icon1_bienvenidos.pdf

2. Asesoramiento academico - PDF icon2_asesoramiento_academico.pdf

3. Alojamiento de Estudiantes - PDF icon3_alojamiento_de_estudiantes.pdf

4. Finanzas - PDF icon4_finanzas.pdf

5. Conversaciones Dificiles - PDF icon5_conversaciones_dificiles.pdf


Day 1 parent and family orientation sessions in Mandarin:

PDF iconorientation_2019-2020_family_calendar_mandarin.pdf

1. Welcome - PDF icon欢迎会-Welcome!.pdf

2. Understanding Academics and Advising - PDF icon理解学术咨询-Understanding Academics and Advising.pdf

3. Housing - Expand your Expectations - PDF icon住宿和膳食-Housing - Expand your Expectations.pdf

4. Money Matters - PDF icon钱财问题---Money Matters.pdf

5. Difficult Conversations - PDF icon困难的对话---Difficult Conversations.pdf